Flaunt Stylish Essence And A matter Of Pride Through Punjabi Sikh Wedding

Punjabi culture beyond doubt full of mannerisms, mash-up songs and milk on face with wines flowing in veins. The Punjabi Sikh who are not into only the folklore but make there presence feel every where around with their robust structure and full of attitude making them poles apart. Now, if one think about their wedding it stands no different and they carry their tradition whether it is while trucking in different world such as Canada or think about their life full of champagne and girls around which can be seen in their songs of the likes of Jazzy B and also Daler Mehndi with Diljeet Dosanjh.

The land of Punjab which has spelled out the Guru Granth Sahib and also the followers of the “Akhand Akal Takht” could find it to be a personality with traits of following the religion and culture together with marriage to happen only at Gurdwara Sahib or with the presence of Akal Takht Ji. In this way, one could understand that the rose on the lips and the glow on the cheeks of the girls which remain forever in life is to be found only in Punjabi Kudis who take a matter of pride in bringing their dance and jigs through Giddas during the wedding performances.

Now, the weddings which happen at the behest on family members rather than consultation from Granthi or the Punjabi Priest at the Holy Gurdwara Sahib could be found with no such auspiciousness in terms of date or any nakshatras involved.  In this way, the wedding is all about the likeness or the fondness from the family members and most of the time the wedding remains a very close affair but also the community is opening up and they are taking the matter of pride to include people from different community as well. If the thought of working within the community comes in the mind and the person gets accustomed to their life then it becomes more easy for the way to get married.

The thought provoking idea of performing Anand Karaj and then love Punjab whether the person stays in India or abroad makes the very much defining moments of life. If the person who is more into being a decent one with the colorful character then he can easily become the Prince Charming of any Punjabi matrimonial website to find Sikh girl and they could find it a matter of pride to flaunt him which further culminates into marriage.

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